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A Bit About Me...

I'm Brian. First and foremost, I'm a follower of Jesus Christ; far from perfect, but striving to be more like the One who is each and every day. Beyond that, I'm just your average Northwest Arkansas dude, living life to the fullest with my amazing wife, rambunctious kiddo, and two crazy canines. I support the U.S. Constitution, and I stand with the brave men and women serving each day to afford us the freedoms this great nation has.

Here on the website, you can expect to find great resources pertaining to firearms, including firearm safety, instruction, and tips. You'll find the best in everything from firearms to training devices, holsters, scopes, body armor, and more over on The Big List, which is a list of things I personally have curated along my own journey of learning. I hope you find it helpful!

If you're into podcasts, be sure and check out my own show, The Brewhaus, where we talk about a little bit of everything. It's available on all your favorite podcast platforms and on YouTube and Rumble. If you're interested in being a guest, or if you know someone you'd like me to interview, be sure to send me a message and let me know!

Cheers, Friends!

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